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Terraclean Engine Cleaning System Available at Maryhill MOT Centre

What is Terraclean?

Terraclean is a system that is connected to your engine and has specially designed fuels run through it to help remove carbon deposits and other unwanted residues left in your engine.

All petrol engines build up carbon deposits in combustion chambers, exhaust ports, catalytic converters and on lambda sensors over time. Petrol injection systems also build up gums, tars and varnishes within the engine.

These contaminants have a negative effect on your engine, resulting in loss of performance and fuel efficiency.

How does it work?

To best explain how Terraclean Engine Cleaning System works, we need to delve a little deeper into how petrol fuels an engine

Petrol is made of two core components; Aromatic and Aliphatic fuel. These components are required to allow the petrol to achieve an optimum combustion rate and also achieve optimum power.

Aliphatic fuel burns easily and almost completely combusts in the engine, leaving minimal carbon deposits. However, it produces very little power.

Aromatic fuel takes a lot more to ignite it - which is why it is mixed with the aliphatic fuel to start the combustion process. As it takes a lot to ignite aromatic fuel in the engine, some travels through the engine without fully combusting. This partially combusted fuel is what settles as carbon deposits in combustion chambers, exhaust ports, catalytic converters and lambda sensors having a negative effect on the engine's efficiency.

Over time, sticky tars, gums and varnishes build up around fuel injectors and pressure regulators. These slow injector reaction times, which causes fuel timing problems, impairing fuel atomization which in turn can cause incomplete combustion and engine misfires.

Terraclean is the only engine cleaning service that has two stages of cleaning.

The first cleans the injection system, restoring functionality to injectors and pressure regulators - which in turn helps restore the fuel pressure, timing and atomization. Inlet valves are cleaned of sticky residue build ups which help to aid the flow of fuel vapours to the engine.

This all results in cleaner fuel burn due to the reduction of hydrocarbons caused by unburnt fuel in exhaust gases.

The second stage uses aliphatic fuel only. While passing through the Terraclean machine, the aliphatic fuel goes through a process called columbic fractionation and is given a passive negative electrical charge. This breaks down the molecular structure of the fuel, even more, turning it from a liquid to a vapour. As this vapour travels through the combustion chambers, exhaust and other areas of the engine the carbon, which has a natural positive electrical charge, is attracted to the aliphatic fuel vapours. As they combine, they become carbon dioxide gas and are passed through the exhaust tail pipe. This removal of the carbon deposits results in cleaner combustion chambers, inlets, sensors and exhaust, allowing in turn for the cars Electronic Control Unit to react quicker to changes in fuel mixture and adjust the fuel and ignition timing thusly.

This leaves you with an engine that is more efficient with better throttle response and also runs smoother with reduced emissions.

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